Turn your toilets into environmental heroes!

Break down selected pharmaceutical residues that we release into the sewers via our toilets How it works

Pharmaceuticals down our toilets

Almost 80% of all pharmaceutical residues from our society reach nature through our municipal sewage systems. Via the toilets, the residues travel to the nearby sewage and later to the treatment plants, which often lack the ability to completely break down the hazardous residues before they enter nature.

We can prevent it via the source

The highest levels of residues is found in our nearby sewers. The sewers from our toilets and to pumphouses (normally) is a previously unused opportunity to treat water. Using pCure we release enzymes via the toilet to break down hazardous residues from medicine in the nearby sewers before they reach the wastewater treatment facilities

A product for all toilets

pCure is a collection of household products that break down environmentally hazardous pharmaceutical residues. The products contain enzymes that are released into sewage where they degrade and neutralize targeted residues before they reach nature. Its design makes it suitable for use at almost any toilet model.

Engage you and your company in water initiatives!

pCure is a creative and fun way to engage entire buildings or organizations in water treatment. The use of the products are not restricted to what kind of business you are in and scales perfectly with company size. With a few clicks away, you have invested in the local water environment, where all employees and visitors contribute at each toilet visit.

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What are pharmaceutical residues?

Pharmaceutical residues are usually referring to the residues of medicine that have biologically active ingredients. It is these substances that help us recover from diseases, but at the same time they can have a negative effect on nature. There are many different residues that are considered harmful for the environment and is found in many of the more common groups of medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, birth control pills, anti-depressants and many more

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Simplified sustainability reporting

Through pCure, we want to offer our customers more than just the use of a product. We want to present lifestyle commitment. From the total use of the products, we gather important information and convert the data to a target audience. The information is then presented as how much residues you prevented reaching nature through your nearby sewers. We will make it easy for everyone to understand how much your company has positively contributed to the local water environment by using pCure.