Turn your toilets into environmental heroes!

The toilet rim block that remove hazardous pharmaceutical residues directly in the toilet How it works

Pharmaceuticals through our sewers

Almost 80% of all pharmaceutical residues from our society reach the nature through our municipal sewage systems. Via the toilets, the residues are led to our treatment plants, which lack the ability to completely break down the hazardous residues which then pose a major danger to our environment.

We can prevent it at the source

The highest level of residues is already in the toilet just before we flush. This is the moment where we have the best opportunity to break down as much as possible of the hazardous substances before they enter the sewage system where they are mixed with other waste, which makes them more difficult to remove.

A product for all toilets

pCure is an environmentally friendly toilet rim block which, at the same time, has the unique ability to remove and prevent the release of hazardous residues to the environment. At each flush, pCure delivers natural degradation agents that actively remove pharmaceutical residues.

Upgrade your environmental profile!

Starting to use pCure is the most cost-effective initiative a company can do in water purification. The use of the product can be adapted to all types of businesses and by using it, the company actively invests in the local water environment, where all employees and visitors contribute at each toilet visit.

One or more boxes?

Start by figuring out how many boxes you need. One box = 24 units = one yearly consumption for a toilet.

Create an account!

Tell us who you are, if you want to use pCure on a regular basis and where to send the boxes. You decide!

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Choose payment method based on your needs. Subscribe to pCure monthly, yearly or make a one-time purchase.

Install pCure

When the first payment is made, the first delivery will be sent. You will receive useful information to get started.

What is pharmaceutical residues?

Pharmaceutical residues are referring to residues of the active ingredients (APIs) that are used in medicine. It is these substances that help us recover from diseases, but at the same time they can have a negative effect on nature. To simplify the communication about pharmaceutical residues, we have developed a report that is unique to each company. We want you to receive well-deserved attention for your initiatives in water treatment, and therefore everyone who uses pCure regularly receives access to a business-unique environmental report. Here you will find information about how much you have contributed and what positive effects it has given.

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Simplified environmental reporting

Through pCure, we want to offer more than a product. From your total use of the toilet rim block, we can gather interesting information about your environmental impact in the form of how much release of residues you prevented going through the toilet. The goal for us is that our customers can generate their own reports and to receive answers of their performance whenever they need it. Here you will get many answers such as, How much residues you have removed when using pCure in your company, or more communicative information that can be used in internal or external communication.