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Do you know how much medicine we flush into the ocean?

Research shows that our water sources contain residues from medicines that cause severe issues such as antibiotic resistance, loss of biodiversity and much more. The primary source for these medicines is through our own consumption which we then release to our sewage systems. The lack of solutions to remove these pharmaceuticals cause many of them to end up in Nature.

pCure reduce the amount of medicines that end up in Nature

pCure is designed as a toilet rim block to make it easy to use. It has all the traditional functions as a normal rim block while at the same time it containes a patented mix of natural enzymes that can break down medicine residues in the sewage water. pCure was developed with the environment in mind, and each flush reduces the environmental imprint in your neighbourhood

Every flush counts!

We have brought the next-gen household product to the market and together with our partners, we ́ve made it easy for our customers to get involved. Use pCure in your home, or commit your whole office or company to a global water initiative through our subscription models. Our media packages can be tailored for organisations that want to further include pCure in their sustainability efforts.

Choose what kind of user you want to be pCure have multiple product versions targeting different users.

Choose a product

Choose a setup that works for you. We support you in your choice.

Buy one or more

Some want to buy a few products directly via our e-shop

Or use continously

Some want to use products regurlarly and choose one of our plans

Be creative!

Some are very creative in their use. We would love to hear your awesome ideas.

Be part of a growing eco-system

pCure is a patented product with a vision to build a better world with cleaner water resources. We believe the key is to find simple solutions that can involve all parts of society. Our vision has been recognised through awards such as the ”Sustainable Healthcare Innovation of the Year”, mentorships such as Prince Daniel Fellowship and partnerships as established with WaterAid. Learn more about how you can be part of an eco-system focusing on local initiatives with a global impact.

Learn more

Explore the world of pCure

pCure is filled with technology and every detail is developed with the environment in mind. Learn more about the concepts behind pCure through our Helpdesk. pCure Labs is a web app where we communicate the latest scientific information about the environmental effects from medicines, as well as the latest claims for pCure according to the international standard ETV/ISO 14034. However, the easiest way to know you make a difference is simply by start using pCure!

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