Water initiative for any sized company

Upgrade to use pcure continously in any of your compani facilities through our subscription plans

Planning a water initiative for your company?

Suitable water initiatives are always hard to find. Upgrading to using pCure in your office is simple. At the same time, it allows your company to engage yourselves in a water initiative within a couple of weeks.Without disrupting any existing routines, you, your colleagues or any other visiting your offices will be engaged to a global cause. Choose how you want to get started through one of our business plans.

  • No change in routines
  • Local with global impact
  • Everyone gets involved
  • Up and running in no time

Become part of a global initiative

At pCure we strive to collaborate with companies and organisations that have a specific focus on water quality, accessibility, and sustainability. We believe that the best results are gained from a network where there exist common focus and goals. Together with WaterAid we have created a way to combine our local initiatives with a global impact and for every sold product, pCure gives a portion of its sales to WaterAid. As a result, we help people in need to get access to clean water. Act Locally, contribute globally

See plans Wateraid

Power of enzymes

Includes enzymes that target selected pharmaceutical residues from common medicines

Greener ingredients

Stripped from hazardous components that are commonly used in toilet rim blocks

Smarter packaging

Using recycled paper from local mills give a better overall footprint

All funtions included

Do not worry! All regular functions such as fragrance and foaming are still included.

Learn more about how it works in our Helpdesk

Answers to the most common questions about pCure in our Helpdesk/Wiki. Through the messenger (the little chat bubble in the lower right corner) you can search info or contact us for further guidance. The Helpdesk is continuously updated to answer the most common questions about the product, purchasing, subscriptions, logistics and more. If you don ́t find what you are searching for, don ́t forget to send us the feedback so that the wiki can improve and help othersin the future


We support you on the way When selecting a plan, you get access to additional material and templates you can use to engage you and your colleagues

Asset library

Get images, videos, and many other assets to use in your communication

Info & templates

Receive the latest information and templates to share with your colleagues

Lists & instructions

Integrate pCure in your daily routines with available checklists and instructions


We continuously add useful material for our customers to use. Stay tuned!

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