A water initiative that suits any type or size of company

Learn how start get started with pCure by three simple steps

1. Chose a product that suits you

Select which pCure user you are. If you are planning to use pCure in an office environment we recommend using the Business version. If you instead are within the healthcare sector, we would recommend you use the Healthcare version. Changes to which product to use can be done in your Account Page
Decide your commitment and contribution by following four simple steps:

  • Count your toielts
  • Complete order
  • Select your plan
  • Install pCure!

2. Count your toilets and pick a Plan

Count or estimate in how many toilets you plan to start using pCure. It will be very different between our users. Use the slider to select your estimate or exact count of toilets. To simplify, we will suggest a plan based on how many toilets you have selected. The first-time setup can be changed at any time and is preferably done when we know exactly how many products your use. If you plan to install it widely and at many locations and toilets, we suggest that you contact us directly.

Start here!

3. Complete order and start using pCure

Fill in your company details and complete the order. Your order will be shipped within a couple of days and the products are ready to be installed at arrival. All our users get access to fresh and updated communication-material that we have made especially for internal and external communication.

Passion for water

Our products are the result of our love for water. Join our passion!


A cost-effective initiative for those who want to engage in water treatment!

Efficient removal

Releases enzymes to the nearby sewer with every flush!

Environmentally friendly

Contains a natural and advanced purification technology

How are we contributing?

Our friends at Kurzgesagt have created a video that tells us more about one of the biggest challenges concerning pharmaceutical residues, the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria from extensive use of antibiotics. As stated in the video, it is not too late to change our behaviour! We can contribute to reducing the impact of all sorts of pharmaceuticals by controlling emissions at production sites, control medicine dosage, recycling unused pills, and using technologies that reduce emissions through the sewers and treatment plants! By focusing on reducing emissions in the early stages of the cycle, as via the toilet, we can minimize the negative effects on plant-, wildlife and humans.

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