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A next-generation household product

pCure is a small and easy to use unit that you place in your toilet. It contains a patented enzyme blend that breaks down specific harmful medicines when flushed into the sewage water. All ingredients are selected to be biodegradable and still function as a regular toilet rim block. Every time you use pCure, you get a fresh product that helps you and nearby households to reduce the negative imprint on the environment.

The unique effects of enzymes

Natures enzymes are part of all living organisms and the workhorse of life. It is part of most of Natures diverse functions such as creating nutrients from food or building blocks for our cells. Many are used in modern society such as food, laundry and industrial processes. We focus on the expanding field of enzymes capable of breaking down pollutants. We are proud to be able to bring these unique properties into regular household products.

How pCure works

The concept of the toilet rim block is used since it is well-known and easy to use. Every flush will release a small amount of block mass containing enzymes into the sewage water. In the sewage water, the enzymes will work on selected pollutants from yours and neighbouring households. The enzymes act as food for microorganisms and stay active until eaten up. We have also taken the environmental aspect into consideration designing the remaining aspects of the toilet rim block.

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Power of enzymes

Includes enzymes that target selected pharmaceutical residues from common medicines

Greener ingredients

Stripped from hazardous components that are commonly used in toilet rim blocks

Smarter packaging

Using recycled paper from local mills give a better overall footprint

All funtions included

Do not worry! All regular functions such as fragrance and foaming are still included

pCure is active against many different medicines

An effect from pCure against a specific pharmaceutical generates an effect against all medicines containing that pharmaceutical ingredient. Currently, the effect is counted against hundreds of products! Learn more about which medicines or pharmaceutical ingredient that pCure has an effect towards in pCure Labs. All effects are verified according to ETV/ISO 14034 and continuously expanded. We also hope to introduce more or better enzymes in the future, so stay tuned.

We target many products containing harmful APIs Many products and classes of medicines are containing the same type of active ingredients. Learn more in our web app.


Also known as antibacterials, are medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria


Are medications normally used to treat major depressive disorder and anxiety


Hormones are commonly used in birthcontrol pills and to help during menipaouse


Are a class of medicine that are used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).

Learn more about how pCure works in our Helpdesk

You can find answers to the most common questions about pCure in our Helpdesk/Wiki. Through the messenger (the little chat bubble in the lower right corner) you can search info orcontact us for further guidance. The Helpdesk is continuously updated to answer the most common questions about the product, purchase, subscriptions, logistics and more. If you don ́find what you are searching for, don ́t forget to send us the feedback so that the wiki can improve and help others in the future.

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