Customized products for different needs

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For our households

Water purification is a lifestyle that suits everyone.

pCure Home is especially developed with a focus on breaking down pharmaceutical residues that are released into nature through our households. The blend used in our product has been selected for breaking down residues from the medicines which are consumed the most and have certain effects when released to the environment. The familiar design allows anyone to start contributing to improve and protect our water ecosystems. The product is available in local retailers and stores. For our household enthusiast we have created the possibility to subscribe directly through the homepage.

For our businesses

A water initiative that suits any business.

pCure Business is specifically designed to create a sustainable water initiative for any company, regardless of size. When you choose to use pCure, you become a role model for water purification, enabling the entire company to prevent pharmaceutical residues from reaching nature through your nearby sewers. We believe that your initiative should be promoted and therefore, all our customers will have access to unique information, data and easy to use media material that can be published to show how much you have contributed to improving the environment.

For the healthcare sector

A water purification technology that all institutions can use.

pCure Healthcare is specifically developed to remove a wide range of prioritized pharmaceutical residues from healthcare water environments. In addition to the medicine we use in everyday life, this version of pCure is focused on breaking down certain antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, hormones, cytostatic and others, which are unique to the healthcare sector. This product can be used for all sizes of institutions and is way of contributing when wastewater treatment facilties isn´t an option.

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