Do we really know how much medicines we flush into the Ocean?

Global challenges can be beaten with conscious decisions by the society

What is pollution by medicines?

Medicines are an essential part of the society where they save and improve countless lives. They also cause harm when wrongly consumed or end up in Nature. Most medicines in Nature originate from our households due to only 30% to 90% of the consumed medicine being taken up by the body, and the rest get discharged when we go to the toilet. We want to present solutions that contributeto sustainable living.

Negative effects in Nature

Worldwide research shows us that our consumption of medicines has severe negative effects on society and surrounding eco-systems. The negative effects are many, but the risks of antibiotic resistance development, reduction of animal populations due to hormones and pain-killers and behavioural changes in animalsfrom anti-depressants are well-proven. Most of this happens through our waterways and is where we have decided to focus our commitment.

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Medicines are part of our daily lives Wherever we are in life we want to take care of ourselves or our loved ones. Medicines are here to stay

Being a toddler

When we had our first ear infection and needed antibiotics to get well again

Playing outside

When we got our first fever from playing outside and needed to ease the pain

Falling in love

When we found our first love and started taking birth control pills

Growing older

When we grow old and our bodies will need help from antihypertensitives

What can we do?

We believe in a holistic view for this challenge. Great work is being done by recycling unused medicines and more conscious consumption. Exciting prospects are evaluated in wastewater treatment but is still rarely used and only consideredat a few places. Much harm also happens in the sewage water before such treatments, and it is essential we find solutions that can complement the efforts being made. This is where pCure can make a significant impact.

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The antibiotic resistance challenge

WHO considers antibiotic resistance as one of the great challenges for human society. Already small concentration can increase the resistance development in Nature and concern is given to sewage water where concentrations are higher and the number of microbial life present in humans is increased. Kurzgesagt has created a video that explains more about this challenge. As stated in the video, it is not too late to act on the challenge.

What do you know about medicines?

Which medicines and products contain harmful substances? Are everyday medicines also thought to be dangerous for the environment and eco-systems? Sharing information and knowledge is crucial for us to make an impact. Explore pCure Labs where you can find information and knowledge about medicines and their active substances and the environmental effect they have. Here you can also find information about various pCure tests and effects.

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