WaterAid changes the lives of many!

Together we can make change in our daily lives so that others can have access clean water, hygiene and to toilets.

Our passion is water!

Water is the most precious resource we have and without it no human can survive. Clean and accessible water is a fundamental need for everyone. Therefore, it is important that we take care of our water, that we treat it right. But we must also make sure that people have access to clean water. By cooperating with WaterAid, we help more people in the world’s poorest communities get access to clean water. Because even though clean water is a human right, 785 million people in the world today lack access to it. That means that one in ten people in the world don’t have any clean water to drink.

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This is Matta´s story

This is Matta. She comes from the village of Tombohuaun in Sierra Leone. Until just a couple of years ago she collected her drinking water from a dirty pool in the forest. Water that made her and her village sick. Through collaboration and the initaitives taken by WaterAid this have drastically changes. Today, Matta, her family and all the others in the village have access to clean water. This important improvement have fundamentally changed their lives

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pCure ❤ WaterAid

By cooperating with the international organization WaterAid, we do not only contribute to a more sustainable water environment by offering smarter household products to our customers. We also ensure that through every sold product, people in the world´s poorest communities get access to clean water. From sales of the pCure products we therefore contribute locally and globally at the same time. With us, we have our customers! It´s a win-win-win!

Passion for people

Water is life and is essential for everyone

Together we are strong

For every product sold, we deliver clean water to the most exposed areas in the world.

Everyone contributes

We are all hearoes and make huge impact through simple means.

Water sustainability

Water isa a uniqe resource. Let´s protect and care for it!

About WaterAid

WaterAid changes the lives of millions of people every year through increased access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in some of the world´s poorest communities. Through collaboration with local partners for sustainable and long-term solutions, and influence decision makers globally and nationally to increase priorities and efforts for these basic needs. WaterAid works in a total of 34 countries to ensure that more people receive clean water, toilets and the possibility of hygiene. Last year, they reached a total of 144 million people with clean water in communities, in schools and in healthcare. That means 160 people every hour.

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